3 free apps to help you keep your weight on track

weight on trackWhether you are training for a gruelling international marathon or simply want to shed a few kilos to fit into a fabulous new outfit, keeping your weight on track is important. A healthy weight is one of the basic building blocks for a healthy life and a lifestyle that speaks of energy and well being. Although the basic principles of moving more and eating healthfully, is something we all have enough information and access to, keeping tabs on our weight is often a stressful and difficult journey for many of us.

We all may not be able to have the access, funds or time to a personal trainer and dietician, but we can all benefit from the awesome weight management tools that the digital world offers today. Weight management mobile applications or apps are available for a wide range of smart phone and hand held devices these days and makes the journey to better health a lot easier and plenty more fun!

It is time to cut out the excuses, whip out your phones and get some guidance. Here are a few apps for weight loss and weight management that cost you nothing at all –

Noom – Noom Weight for Android and Noom Weight for iPhones is one of the most popular weight management apps available today. As their website claims, this app gives users “All the tools and guidance you need to lose weight” and users the world over have given it their thumbs up for all kinds of information you need to eat better, get more active and stay motivated while you do so. Personalised weight loss plans are yours for the making that have proven to help people shed pounds and get results fast. A user friendly food logging system to help you track meals and learn about healthy eating, an exercise tracker with GPS and a pedometer, daily tasks set by your ‘Noom Coach’, meal & weight loss tracking log book and more are just some of the awesome features that the Noom apps offer. Some versions also come with access to educational articles, user support forums and motivational messages to get you going. You can even integrate it with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Diet Assistant – Ever wished you could have a personal cook, nutritionist and grocery shopper at your disposal? While this app may not do the actual shopping and cooking for you, it can be extremely useful in making the process easier and less cumbersome when you are  trying to keep your dietary intake on track on a weight loss regime. Diet Assistant will help you immensely with personalised and healthy meal and diet plans, that can be a great boon whether you are training for an international marathon or hoping to shed some serious weight. With guidance on everything from grocery shopping lists, nutritional facts, information on vegetarian, lox glycemic index, high protein or low carb meals and more, it will be like having a dietician in the palm of your hand. Diet Assistant also has great features like a BMI calculator, weight loss tracker, weight loss tips and tricks and more. Built in menu options, options to customise and alter diets as per personal tastes, dieting forums for idea sharing and the like, will leave you with no excuses to be lax about your diet and weight loss goals.

BMI Calculator – One of the most important parameters to gauge whether you fall in the healthy weight range is your BMI or body mass index. This app helps you calculate your BMI as per age and gender and also gives you details about your waist to height ratio and body fat percentage to help you gauge where you stand with your weight and what goals make sense for you. Known to be easy to use and accurate it is a great tool when you are starting out on the path to better health.


Henrietta Thomson is a freelance writer and a fitness enthusiast. She sets new goals for herself every year and an international marathon in South Africa features on her to-do list for 2014. She loves checking out and writing about the latest weight loss and fitness tools and gadgets.


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