Coping with the shock and disappointment of being diagnosed with cancer

Did you know that every 2 minutes, someone in the US is diagnosed with the deadly disease, cancer? Research says that around half of the people who were born post 1969 will develop any form of cancer sometime in their entire lifetime. But have you ever thought how you would cope with it if you’re afflicted with this fatal disease?

The C-word is so disheartening that it fills majority of the patients with fear and dread. Most people reported that getting cancer was their primary fear regarding their health. Hence, it needs no mention that receiving a cancer diagnosis can definitely be daunting enough. Whenever people get to know they have cancer, the worst thing first comes to their mind. It’s a feeling of horror and shock as nobody wants to hear they have cancer. It’s more like a state of denial.

The emotions which flow within you after being diagnosed with cancer

Diagnosis of being affected with cancer induces different reactions in different people and therefore there can’t be any particular set of rules about how someone may feel or how people should control their emotions. But some of the most common feelings they may experience are:

  • Intense fear about the future
  • Sadness
  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Denial
  • Depression and
  • Anxiety

Some people face anger, some feel like crying and some are worried and anxious about what their life is going to bring to them. In case you get extremely depressed after being diagnosed with cancer, it is vital for you to speak with your health professional. Some severe depression symptoms may range from prolonged feelings of sadness, constantly feeling tired, losing interest in things you previously loved to do, loss of appetite and a constant feeling which tells you that life isn’t worth living.

Coping with all your negative feelings about cancer diagnosis

Your well-being and emotions are just as vital as your physical health and always remember that there can be no such wrong way or right way of coping with your feelings. Provide yourself enough time to be patient and try not to anticipate too much in a very short time. You can try talking to your family and friends, discuss with your doctor about the possibilities and precautions and also try some other relaxation techniques which can give you that feel-good factor. There are certain cancer support groups which serve around the country and offer counseling help to suffering patients who are mentally depressed.

Whenever you’re anxious, talking therapy can prove to be extremely good but for some people, this can be tough to do. You might feel embarrassed and awkward to discuss how much bad you feel about yourself. Always make sure you speak to a good listeners like a close friend, your life partner or a close and understanding relative.

Staying positive is the ultimate secret of fighting this deadly disease, cancer. Always try your best to feel positive and don’t lose your will power while combating the disease. Yes, life may sometimes get difficult during the period of treatment but there’s an end to it and you will definitely emerge a winner.

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