Doing away with the skin care fallacies its time to believe in the facts

Rumor says that Botox prevents aging and wrinkles and chocolates causes acne but is any of these factually true? Doctors have to weigh in such rumors and what they offer you is the right advice without sugar-coating. Just as cleansers in a drugstore, skincare misconceptions are plentiful. While some of them are long-held beliefs which have been passed down for generations and some other are convincing as they’re so-called ‘modern’.

Amidst the constant buzz on the brand new must-have skin care products, the gaining popularity of anti-aging treatment and skin care advice from all corners of the street, it’s tough to differentiate between fad and reality. Here are few of the most common skin care myths shared by some leading dermatologists. Let’s check them out and forget believing in them.

Myth #1: Tanning booths are good as long as they don’t have UVB rays

We all are aware of one thing that tanning under the sun is unhealthy and it may lead to premature aging and skin cancer. Then what do the tanning booths do? The tanning booth companies usually say that they filter the UVB rays (which cause sunburn), as per what Jenny Kim, MD has to say. But actually what happens when you reach a tanning booth is that you still unknowingly expose your skin to UVA rays, which enter into your skin and still can cause skin cancers and premature aging. So, next time, don’t believe what the tanning booth companies tell you.

Myth #2: You don’t require sunscreen on a not-so-sunny day

If it’s a cloudy day or a day that’s not-so-sunny, UV radiation will still reach the surface of the earth and hence you need to ensure that you apply sunscreen everyday and keep reapplying it after every 2 hours. Even when you’re sweating or you’re just out of the swimming pool, you should still keep applying it. One more thing you shouldn’t believe in is that your skin is protected just because you’re applying make-up with SPF.

Myth #3: It’s ideal to bring out the pus of the pimple by pressing it

Although it is true that you feel good to let go of the pus inside the pimple but while you do this, a lot of it can go in deeper inside your skin. As it enters deeper, it leads to more inflammation which can later on lead to scarring and spreading of pimples. This is when you will get another pimple a few days later.

Myth #4: Costly skin care products work in the best way

No, this is not always true. Experts believe that there are many mass market products which are much better than the costly ones. It is seen that most of the active ingredients that you get in anti-aging creams are all similar and hence it is only the way they sell products by impressing customers.

So, if you want your skin to rejuvenate and make you look younger, stop believing in the age-held beliefs and start believing in the facts to work accordingly. You may take a look at to know more on this topic.

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