Esthetician solutions for skincare problems

You don’t have to be an expert to know you need daily application of sunscreen to block harmful UV rays, as well as daily moisturizing to prevent dry skin. But dealing with fine lines, deep wrinkles, sunken, dark-under eye circles and chronic acne breakouts goes beyond the knowledge and abilities of the average person. Even so-called self-trained internet beauty gurus can’t come close to matching the education and skill possessed by certified estheticians. Under the direction of a hands-on esthetics program, estheticians study the science of skin. That formal education enables them to provide targeted solutions for a range of skincare problems.

As medicine and technology advance, estheticians continue to solve skincare problems with cutting-edge solutions, no knives required.

Zap zits

When most people think of zits, they probably picture pimply-faced pubescent teens, but many adults also struggle with acne. In fact, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, and the treatment of acne is a $3 billion industry, according to the American Academy of Dermatologists.

While prescription medications or even over-the-counter products work for some, the pimple problem still plagues plenty of people. Estheticians offer a number of solutions. Through an accredited esthetics program, an esthetician can learn how to safely execute needle extractions. In untrained hands, extractions can cause damage to the skin, but a qualified esthetician knows how to carefully extract the fluid inside blackheads and whiteheads. Extractions also allow estheticians to more thoroughly clean the skin’s pores to further reduce the chances of another breakout.

Fight Aging

Fine lines and wrinkles betray a person’s age. With microdermabrasion and peels, estheticians turn back the clock on their clients’ skin. In a well-rounded esthetics program, an esthetician learns how to apply a number of peels designed for different skin conditions. For soft fine lines and wrinkles, gentle beta and alpha-hydroxy peels remove the outermost layer of skin to reveal younger-looking skin underneath. For more pronounced lines and wrinkles, chemical peels are the answer. Medium-strength peels, such as the popular Trichloracetic acid, reduce wrinkles and leave the skin looking smoother. Estheticians working in dermatologists offices and medical spas may assist with the deepest level peels. These peels often require anesthesia for the patient, but the results rival surgical procedures.

Microdermabrasion is another anti-aging tool prominent in salons and spas. Methods vary, but generally the esthetician sprays a blast of tiny crystals onto the face to exfoliate the skin; hot steam may be used in conjunction with the crystals. Then, a vacuum device sucks the crystals and loose skin cells from the face. The result is skin that looks smoother, softer and most importantly, younger. To operate the powerful microdermabrasion tools, an esthetician can attain certification from an advanced esthetics program.

Reduce Dark Circles

The causes of dark under-eye circles are just as varied as the people the condition affects. Thin skin, allergens, lack of sleep, poor diet, and unfortunately for many, genetics, all play a role in the formation of dark circles. While no one can change his DNA, everyone can find some relief from that tired under-eye look. Eating a well-balanced diet, limiting salt and alcohol, and ensuring a good night’s rest help reduce dark circles, but these at-home remedies don’t replace esthetician services.

Microcurrent probes are a smart solution for dark circles not related to age. Using electrical impulses, this procedure stimulates blood circulation and cellular stimulation to promote the growth of thicker skin. When skin is thin, blood vessels below are more likely show through and darken the under-eye area. For dark circles related to age, injections can plump up the skin. With proper training, an esthetician can apply a hyaluronic-acid filling serum to specific areas around the eyes for long-lasting results.




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