Pros and cons of using a fitness tracker

The market for fitness trackers is growing every year with everyone from teenagers, athletes and office workers upgrading from pedometers to these marvellous pieces of technology. You can wear them on your wrist or clip them to your clothes and they monitor everything from the number of steps you take, to the number of calories you eat and even the quality of your sleep.

These are not stand alone units however, because they need to sync with your smartphone or PC, where you can track your activity levels and print out reports. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of personal activity trackers.


Pros of activity trackers

Activity trackers show you exactly how much you have been moving around, as well as your calorie intake and how many calories you have burnt, so they really encourage you to exercise more. In one way this could be seen as a reason not to use an activity tracker, but they certainly shame couch potatoes into ramping up their activity levels.

The more high-tech activity trackers not only count the hours you are asleep, but they also tell you how many times you moved during sleep. This is ideal for people who have trouble sleeping and wake up frequently during the night, as this information can help you to back track and hopefully work out why you are not sleeping well.

If you are competitive, you can compete with your friends, relatives or work mates on the amount of activity and calories burnt. Some activity trackers also allow you to integrate your information with others who have the same activity tracker, so you can really become ultra-competitive.

Fitness activity trackers are also useful for health enthusiasts. You can see evidence of your lack of activity and the number of calories you have consumed in a day. It can help you to change your behaviour and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Cons of activity trackers

One of the problems with activity trackers is that you can become complacent after a few months and not bother wearing it anymore. This is a shame because they are quite stylish and unobtrusive and they really motivate you to get out and about more.

Another problem with these activity trackers is its price. Some trackers can be very expensive and sometimes, you’ll question if it is worth buying. But whenever you feel doubtful of its benefits, remember that it can motivate you to walk a few more steps during the day and achieve a better health. The price is just a sacrifice to keep yourself healthy and strong.

Weighting the pros and cons of fitness trackers, you’ll realise that it is important to have one. Whether you get a Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, or other brands, you know that this gadget keeps an eye on your fitness level. If you are interested, you can buy your Fitbit at Harvey Norman or you can check out other brands in the fitness shop near you.

Get yourself a fitness tracker and take your first steps to better health and wellness.

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