Reshape or orbera what will work best for you

Intra-gastric balloons are a type of tool that stop people from feeling hungry. Additionally, it makes them feel fuller for a longer period of time, even if they only eat a small meal. The balloons are used as a type of weight loss treatment that allows people to shed pounds without having to have invasive surgery performed. As can be seen on, the procedure has proved to be very successful for many people.

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How Does a Gastric Balloon Work?

Essentially, a soft balloon will be placed inside the patient’s stomach during a procedure. This is done through an endoscope, which is a flexible, thin telescope that is inserted through the mouth. Thanks to advances in medical science, it is now even possible to swallow a capsule with the balloon in it, which has a tube attached to it, meaning that there isn’t even a need for an endoscopic procedure.

Once the balloon is in place, it is filled with either air or a saline solution. As a result, the stomach does not have as much space for drink or food. The solution is meant to be temporary, and the balloon has to be removed after six months. This is also done through an endoscopic procedure.

When first released, the gastric balloon was only suitable for those who had a BMI of at least 40. The procedure would help them to bring their BMI down to a level that would put them at less risk of complications from surgery. Today, however, it can be used on people with much lower BMIs as well, with some surgeries offering it those who have a BMI of 25. These people will not need any further procedures after the six months of wearing the balloon.

Single or Dual Gastric Balloon

There are now two types of gastric balloons available. Firstly, there is the single balloon, which is the Orbera Intra-Gastric Balloon. Secondly, there is the ReShape Duo Intra-Gastric Balloon. So what is the difference?

About Orbera

Orbera is designed for people who are not quite morbidly obese, but who want to lose anywhere between 15kg and 25kg in order to kick start their weight loss. The Orbera system is a single balloon that can hold 55cc in volume. The balloon freely floats in the stomach. It has been available for some time and has quite an extensive history of success stories.

About ReShape

ReShape uses two balloons, each of which is filled with 450cc of fluid. It is the latest in gastric balloon design and is revolutionizing the industry. It has been created after studying the results of the single balloon and trying to improve on this. It truly is a next generation device that is completely unique in the market today.

The fill volume is about twice as high as with the Orbera, which means it can potentially encourage greater weight loss. It is also designed to fit the natural shape of the stomach. Each balloon is filled and sealed individually so, if one should deflate, the other will keep it in place regardless.

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