The top personality traits you should expect from a caregiver

The caregiving profession is on the rise – there is an increasing demand for caregivers, and this is due to several reasons. One reason is that people are living to a more advanced age and therefore need additional care so they can have comfortable lives. Another reason may be that most families nowadays are too busy with their own tasks and responsibilities to care for a loved one full-time, and so they depend increasingly on caregivers to help care for their loved ones. But whatever the reasons may be for the increase in demand for caregivers, one thing is clear: it is not a profession for everyone. Why is this? Simply because it is a responsibility that does not just entail professionalism – it requires specific personality traits and a mindset that not all individuals possess.


So what does it take to be a caregiver, and what should you expect from a caregiver for your loved one?

A compassionate heart

First and foremost, caregivers are expected to have a certain degree of compassion. This is not just about empathy, mind you – it is also about a specific willingness to help an individual so that individual can experience a change for the better and perhaps even improve their outlook and way of life. But being compassionate need not come about in a major way – sometimes, the simple act of holding a person’s hand through an emotional circumstance or ordeal can make a vast difference.

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are two other traits that any caregiver should have – and they do go hand in hand. If you have a caregiver with integrity, it often follows that they are honest as well. You would want a caregiver who is honest and whom you can trust with your loved one’s life – not just with their day-to-day needs, but their overall health and well-being. If you have a dishonest carer, this will just add stress to you and your loved one rather than help you cope. Integrity is also about establishing trust – a caregiver with integrity will show respect towards their patient, will respect their privacy when necessary, and will show respect and care for their property and belongings as well.


A good carer will also be reliable – this actually goes without saying. So what do we mean with reliability? It is simple, really – it means the caregiver will show up when they are needed, will accomplish the tasks that are assigned to them, and will make sure that the patient is comfortable and has everything they need.

The responsibilities of a caregiver indeed extend above and beyond their ‘technical’ tasks, especially when it comes to 24 hour care at home or live in care. With the right traits and attitude, your caregiver can provide you with utmost peace of mind.

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