Three reasons why you may have ecg electrodes at home

There are many different ECG monitors, some of which are handheld and portable. While these were once only available to medical personal, everyday people can now purchase them. As a result, it is now also possible for regular people to purchase ECG electrodes, rather than having to have a medical license for them. So why would somebody own their own ECG machine?


1. Portable Miniature Monitors

It is now very easy to use an at home ECG monitor because they are so small. The electrodes can simply be attached to a belt, and the monitor is often no bigger than a credit card. In fact, they are now so small and comfortable that people can easily wear them for an entire day, should they want to receive a full reading. Furthermore, the electrode wire design is designed with such modern technology that it would be virtually impossible for it to short out. There are now even some manufacturers who have created wireless devices, which means that there is even less chance of something breaking or getting trapped, and making it even more comfortable.

2. ECG Interpretation Is Now Easy to Do

Once upon a time, ECG readings could only be interpreted by those with a medical degree. However, this has now been simplified to a great extent, and when you purchase your own ECG monitor, it will come with a how to guide and instruction manual. Furthermore, the internet is a fantastic source of information where people can compare their readings to normal readings. If their own reading is vastly different from what it should be, they should be prompted to immediately go to the emergency room.

Therein lies the one danger of having an at home ECG machine as well, however. As doctors often say, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. With people now diagnosing themselves thanks to symptom checkers on Google, and using ECG readings to back their own findings up, it is even more likely that they don’t get the treatment that they need, or that they believe there is something seriously wrong with them when actually there is not.

3. Portable ECG Equipment Is Cheaper than Staying in Hospital

Because there are now some many manufacturers of at home ECG machines, they have become incredibly affordable. This is particularly true now that they are also available online, and now that people can even purchase spare electrodes if they need them. While the Affordable Care Act has made sure that everybody is able to get medical treatment if they need it, it continues to be very expensive. By using an at home ECG machine, however, those costs can be greatly reduced. However, once again, it is very important to leave diagnosing to the professionals, and to get medical help if there is a very unusual reading and/or you have any other symptoms. Remember that an ECG machine is a diagnostics tool, not a treatment tool as well.

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