Top tips for putting your health and fitness first at college

When you’re at college, keeping on top of your health and fitness can often get pushed to the bottom of your priority list. When you have to think about getting assignments done before their deadline, revising for exams and keeping up with your program, it can be easy to forget about going to the gym and eating healthily. These effective changes to your health are simple, straightforward, and won’t take up too much of your time.

Drink More Water

The online MBA curriculum is fast-paced and full of new things to learn, so if you are studying this program or something similar it’s important that you are properly hydrated. Staying hydrated is not only good for your overall health and will lead to better skin, hair and nails, it will also help to ensure that your brain has enough water, allowing you to improve your concentration and focus when studying.

Quit Smoking

It’s not uncommon to see students take up bad habits such as smoking in order to help them get through the stresses of student life. However, there are many much better ways to deal with stress that don’t lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease or cancer, nor do they wreck your skin and teeth like smoking does. Today, electronic cigarettes are proving a useful alternative to help smokers quit, or you could try other nicotine replacement therapies if you’re not sure about going cold turkey.

Walk More

If somewhere is within walking distance, then you shouldn’t waste your money on getting the bus, a cab, or even driving your own car. Walking more isn’t only better for your bank account, it’s also amazing for your health and you’ll soon begin to see the benefits. Or, if you’re worried about how much time walking will consume, you might want to consider getting a bicycle, often a popular sight on campus.

Healthy Cooking

When comparing online MBA vs an on-campus MBA degree, the main difference is that online students tend to spend the majority of their study time at home. For many online students, staying at home often means that they end up ordering in take-out or stocking up on convenience foods that won’t take long to prepare. Although this can be great for saving time, your health will suffer as a consequence and after a while you’ll start to notice weight gain and other issues. There are many quick, convenient healthy recipes that you could choose from instead, which also taste amazing!


Finally, looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health. At college, isolating yourself from friends and family can make things worse, whilst socializing enables you to build up your support network, gain more confidence, and meet new friends. If you’re shy or anxious about meeting new people, seek out support from your college counsellor.

Staying fit and healthy can often take a back seat at college, but it’s often just as important to your grades as studying hard!

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