Top tips to help you lose weight around your hips

weight lossWhen aiming to lose weight, you must realize that you cannot lose weight in just one region of your body. Healthy weight loss calls for you to exercise in a way that brings about a change in your overall appearance. Therefore, when you wish to lose excessive fat around your hips, you also need to work around your thighs and belly region, which are the most common storehouses of fat in your body. Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important as it helps keep your body in good condition.

While there are certain factors like accidents and other such events, which are beyond your control that can damage your hips, compelling you to opt for a hip replacement, you must ensure that you take every step possible so that you prevent the occurrence of this surgery due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Since controlling activities in your every day life is something that you have a control over, you must ensure that you make most of it for healthy hips. The best way to begin is by losing all the excess fat around your hips. Given below are some vital tips that will ensure that you control your weight around this region.

1.)   A dedicated walking regimen is a must:

You may swear by the fitness and rigorous workout routines offered by your gym; however, neither the cross trainer nor the treadmill will have an effect on your body the way daily walking or jogging for at least half an hour does. Walking essentially involves your lower body and this activity effectively helps to burn calories and melts the fat away.  However, it is important that you take things slow and increase your walking time by 5 minutes every week instead of running or walking for 30 -45 minutes in your first attempt alone. This can be more damaging and therefore, it is crucial that you limit yourself.

2.)   Work on your belly fat:

You may be surprised to see the effects of losing weight around your belly on your hips. Although you wish to lose the stubborn weight around your hips, working towards getting rid of belly fat can work wonders on your hip fat as well. To ensure that you successfully lose weight around your belly, exercises that target your abdominal region are a must; the most common being crunches. Crunches help tone your abs and in the process also help in melting away the fat around the hips. However, a few sets of crunches performed 3 – 4 times in a week should suffice. Going overboard can lead to tearing of the muscles. It can also be extremely dangerous if you have recently undergone a hip replacement.

3.)   Cardio is the best way to lose the flab:

You may not realize it but cardio is one of the most excellent ways to burn the calories and pump up the heart rate. This type of an exercise is an exciting way to breathe life into a boring workout session. To make cardio more enjoyable, all you need to do is crank up the volume to your favourite songs and go walking, jogging or simply walk into your backyard and do skipping for a good 30 minutes every single day. You will be surprised at the amount of fat that you will lose not only around your hips but also throughout your body, including your thighs, belly, face and the likes.

You must realize that healthy weight management is an absolute must in order to avoid joint injuries, especially in the hip and knee region.

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Trudy Lake is a surgeon specialising in hip replacement. She has spent the better part of her life studying and practicing and is a very well known surgeon in the medical industry today. She rarely gets to enjoy some free time; but when she does, she loves to run a hot bath and read a book to relax.

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