Ways to keep kids moving this summer

Get your kids moving this summer! The long days of sunshine are the perfect opportunity to get them away from their electronics and excited about a new hobby or activity. Have a strict rule limiting screen time and encourage outdoor play to prevent your kids from becoming one with the couch. Experts like Dr. Harry Stylli would agree that more activity is better than none while kids are out of school.

Just Add Water

Swim lessons and summertime are almost synonymous. It doesn’t matter if they know how to swim or not, get your kids splashing around in the local pool to not only keep them cool but to also tire them out from being busy. All the better if they want to stay and play a little longer!

Get Dirty

There’s almost nothing that kids love more than playing in the mud. Give them old clothes and make a mud puddle for them to squish, dig and bake mud pies to their heart’s desire. The novelty of being allowed to play in the mud will thrill them, and they are guaranteed to be kept busy for hours.

Child’s Pose

Did you know that yoga for kids is a thing? The yoga instructors are somehow able to keep a classroom full of young kids in a state of relative Zen. Look in your area to see what might be available for your kids. If there’s nothing nearby, you can always try it at home.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Hot weather and no air conditioning can make for long, sweaty days. Help the kids pass the time and cool down by having a squirt gun and water balloon fight. They’ll be drenched and laughing when it’s all over, but that’s part of the fun!

Rock Their World

Rock climbing is a great exercise for the core, so you feel good and worked out when it’s over. Let your kids burn off some energy by taking them to an indoor rock wall or signing them up for a class.

Horsing Around

Horseback riding is a timeless, fun activity for kids of all ages. They can act out their fantasies of being from the Wild West, at a medieval castle or whatever their imaginations conjure up. The best part? This is all done while bonding with an animal and learning a life skill that not everybody knows.

One with Nature

Take a hike with your kids at least once a week, lathering them up with sunscreen and bug spray first. Make up games as you go: “Who can find the biggest pinecone? How many butterflies did we see on our hike?” Be sure to pack a backpack with plenty of snacks and bottles of water to prevent them from getting too cranky!

Being out of school throws the routine off enough, but keep your kids busy this summer to put it back into balance as best as you can. Busy kids stay out of trouble, and they will make fun memories for years to come.


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