What to expect when you enter rehab

Do you need to check yourself into a drug and alcohol detox in Austin Texas to conquer your addiction once and for all? If this is the case, you owe it to yourself to do a little research online. This will allow you to find a rehab facility that has very high standards. Do not be fooled into thinking that all rehab facilities are basically the same. This is simply not true at all. You need to understand that the level of care that is offered by rehab facilities can vary greatly depending on where you receive your treatment. You might not be familiar with how the rehab process works. Here are some of the most basic things you can expect once you officially check yourself in.

1. You will first undergo a complete search of your clothing and any bags that you bring with you.

The search that you must go through upon checking into a rehab facility is standard operating procedure. This is done to make sure that none of the patients are trying to smuggle drugs or alcohol into the facility. Doing this could sabotage their own recovery. Any drugs and alcohol that get smuggled in might also find its way into the hands of other patients. Obviously, this is something that a rehab facility cannot allow to happen under any circumstances. Some facilities will also force all incoming patients to submit to a full body cavity search. Any patient who refuses to comply will not be allowed to enter the facility and receive treatment. The policy regarding body cavity searches will vary between rehab facilities. Not all facilities require them.

2. You will be assigned a room.

A member of the rehab facility’s staff will show you to the room that you will be staying in for the duration of your time in treatment. Some rehab facilities will require you to have a roommate. Other facilities will allow patients to have their own room. You should contact the facility and definitively find out their policy regarding the rooming conditions of patients. Certain facilities believe it is healthy for patients to have roommates because they can form a bond. Therefore, they will have someone to help them through recovery once treatment has ended. It can be helpful to have someone to support you if you are coming back from a relapse.

3. The first stage of the rehab process is detox.

All patients must completely remove all of the harmful alcohol and drugs from their bodies before their treatment can officially begin. This means that they must undergo several days of detox. This will be the first time that the patients are denied the drugs or alcohol that they have been abusing. This is the most physically difficult part of the rehab process for most people. This is because some patients suffer severe pain due to the withdrawal they experience while they are detoxing. All rehab facilities have a medical doctor who is a member of the staff. He or she will closely monitor the physical condition of all patients during the detox process. Some people experience life-threatening problems while they are detoxing because their withdrawal is so severe. In these cases, the doctor will have the patient moved to a hospital where he or she can receive more advanced medical care than the rehab facility is capable of providing.

4. You will be assigned a counselor.

There will be several counselors working at the rehab facility. You will be assigned one counselor who you will meet with on a regular basis. You will confide in this person. He or she will be one of the people you rely on most to help you kick your habit. Rehab counselors are often former addicts. Therefore, they can understand the situation you are facing. They have been there before. Your counselor will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

5. You will attend therapy sessions.

You will have group therapy sessions with the other patients. These group sessions will allow you to get to know the other patients who are attending rehab with you. All of the patients will share their stories of how they became addicted and the mistakes they made. They will also share the moment when they realized they needed to get help. You will also have therapy sessions where it is just you and your counselor. You can discuss more personal issues in these private therapy sessions.

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