Why do you have photophobia light sensitivity in chronic dry eyes

Photophobia is a discomfort or pain caused by light exposure. Dry eyes exacerbate this problem. TheraLife helps those recovering from dry eye syndrome to reduce and eliminate their sensitivity to light.

Causes of Photophobia

Photophobia is a common symptom of people with dry eyes. The common symptoms of dry eyes include dryness, burning, redness, grittiness, and blurred vision. Now, sensitivity to light is a commonly recognized symptom. Photophobia does not always occur for those who have chronic dry eye, but for those who have both, there is now a natural way to find relief, TheraLife.

Linking Chronic Dry Eyes and Photophobia

In a review of different studies on photophobia, it was found that chronic dry eye and photophobia often occur together. In fact, the most common cause of light sensitivity in adults was dry eye. For those who have chronic dry eye and realize that they have sensitivity to light, treatment for dry eyes will often relieve the sensitivity to light, if the cause is in fact dry eye and not a neurological cause.

Treating Chronic Dry Eye and Photophobia

Since living with chronic dry eye and photophobia can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience, it is important that a neurological cause for the photophobia is ruled out before beginning a natural treatment for dry eyes. If no underlying neurological conditions are found and chronic dry eye is diagnosed, a doctor may treat photophobia with anti-inflammatory medications, medicated teardrops, or drugs that stimulate tear production.

For those adverse to drugs or even surgery, they may look for a natural cure for photophobia. Treating chronic dry eye and photophobia with TheraLife is the key. When chronic dry eye is treated, one of the first symptoms to disappear is sensitivity to light. The TheraLife line of products allows the body to naturally repair the symptoms of dry eyes from the inside out.

The TheraLife Solution

In order to reverse photophobia, treating the symptoms of chronic eye is crucial. TheraLife goes directly to the source of the problem: underactive tear secretion. If the eyes are unable to produce enough natural tears, they become dry, irritated, and sensitive to light. Targeting this problem by allowing the body to generate healing tears naturally which will eliminate dry eyes and photophobia.

In clinical trials, eighty percent of first time users found relief for chronic dry eye symptoms with TheraLife Eye Enhanced. The all natural formula allows the body to restore the eyes ability to produce tears without the use of drugs or surgery.

TheraLife Eye Enhanced – FDA approved, clinically tested, good manufacturing practices (GMP) seal of approval, and a 90-day money back guarantee ensure that TheraLife Eye Enhanced contains only the purest, safest, and highest level of ingredients to help the eyes heal from the inside out.

TheraLife Omega-3 Fish Oil – The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) along with other regulatory agencies ensure that only the purest fish oils are used in the TheraLife Omega-3 Fish Oil capsules. When natural tears are thickened, excessive tear evaporation is prevented. Omega-3 fish oil contains fatty acids that help to thicken tears naturally.

Eye Lid Cleanser – In order to keep eyes healthy, expecially for people with Blepharitis, their eye lids must remain clean and free of dust, debris, and microorganisms. TheraLife uses only natural ingredients, such as pure hypochlorous acid, to fight pathogens that can lead to eye irritation.

Hot Compress – Soothing to the eyes, a hot compress is a great way to bring relief to clogged Meibomian glands which is a form of dry eyes called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. In addition, to avoid nighttime dry eyes, this Elastogel hot compress retains heat and assists in keeping the eyelids closed during sleep.

Using all four natural products, the TheraLife Eye Enhanced Starter Kit includes everything needed to get rid of chronic dry eye symptoms:

  • 4 bottles of TheraLife Eye Enhanced

  • 1 bottle of Omega-e Fish Oil

  • 1 Eye Lid Cleanser

  • 1 Hot Compress

Don’t continue to suffer with photophobia; treat the root cause of dry eyes with TheraLife. All TheraLife products come with a 90-day money back guarantee, which means the only thing you have to lose is painful, light sensitive, dry eyes.

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