Worthy reasons to get on a bike cycling is good for your body and soul

Although May is considered as National Bike Month, fall is considered to be the most enjoyable times to ride a bike. You don’t have to suffer from the extremes of the weather conditions and at the same time, you wouldn’t have too many allergens to deal with. You can also be out after winter into the fresh air as winter may have barred you from going out too often.

What’s more, bicycling has many health benefits, both mental and physical. Cycling is easy on your joints but yet engages your legs and also offers a sense of freedom. With the various bicycle accessories available, you can even track your level of fitness which is an ultimate motivation.

Cycling on the road

Whether you’re running errands or commuting or working out, you can go out on the bike lanes as there has been a nationwide expansion of bike lanes. Here are few things you need to know before you go.

  • Keep your eyes ahead: Remember that your bike will follow your gaze, particularly when you’re flying downhill. Look towards where you want to go or around 20 feet ahead. Then trust your bike and stay focussed.

  • Count your movements: Riding about 80-100 revolutions in a minute can help your legs and muscles last longer. Bicycle power meters can help you calculate your rpm.

  • Save your seat: One of the classic mistakes committed by newbies is wearing bike shorts with underwear as the seams can rub your skin and hurt you badly. Also, make sure you don’t hang out in your shorts too long after a ride as its indeed better to take them off once you’re done.

Cycling is much easier on your legs than running

The President of the League of American Bicyclists, Andy Clarke said that whether you’re recovering from an injury, watching out for an effective training option or hoping to preserve your knees for running at the New York Marathon, when you’re 85, cycling gets your heart pumping and legs moving without letting you hurt your joints.

Running may take a toll on your body but cycling won’t. Biking has a far lower impact on your legs and engages all the muscles in your legs without too much force coming down on your knees. Hence, as long as you keep your legs pumping on your bike, it gets smoother and it is also considered as a lower risk form of cardio which you will indeed appreciate, particularly if you’re recovering from some injury.

Therefore, if you’re still not into biking, get one for yourself and start off soon. This is probably the best form of exercise that you can do in order to stay fit, be in shape and take care of your health.

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