Fragrances that women love

Women have a sense of smell which differs from men. They’re turned on by certain fragrances they smell. It works in exactly the opposite way to what a man smells.

Whether you’re looking at the latest range of Calvin Klein for her or Armani for women, there are key characteristics to each scent which make them winners.Let’s take a look at some of the notes which are going to drive women crazy!


Vanilla is similar to the smell of chocolate. It’s strong and it bursts through the air. It’s sweet and borderline sickly. At the same time, it has a welcoming sense which evokes a feeling of ravishment. You just want to gobble someone up if they have vanilla lingering on their brows.


The chances are you haven’t heard of patchouli before. If you regularly read up on fashion and various magazines for men, you’ll have heard about the circus following this awesome scent.

Scientists have deduced any fragrance with patchouli in it will make women horny. Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll have women flying around you like something out of an R rated version of Peter Pan, this will help to set those sexual energies alight.


Musk is something you’ll regularly find in the scents of the major brands. They mimic make pheromones. In other words, this is what women smell on a man. It’s how they become attracted to them. Cologne often has musk in it. To a man, it smells refreshing and almost like a new car.


Peppermint is good if you want to add something to your character which doesn’t overpower members of the opposite sex. Peppermint itself has been proven to help people stay energized and awake. It’s why herbal medicine enthusiasts use peppermint in their lives.

In terms of your love life, any fragrance with peppermint in it should help everyone gain confidence. It can help you convince your partner to try something new in the bedroom.


Ylangylang is probably another scent you’ve never heard of before. It’s a scent which has only really made an impact in the 21st century, although it’s existed for thousands of years. It encourages verbal communication and it really does smell like sex. If you’ve ever been in a situation where passions are on fire, this is what ylangylang resembles.


Jasmine offers a subtle scent which opens up the senses and gets people in the mood to do something new. It’s a traditional method of seduction. A dab of jasmine before you take someone out to dinner can have marvelous results

What about the Holiday Season?

It might be difficult for you to decide what you want for the holiday season. Overall, choose a scent based on your goals and tastes. You’re the one who has to smell it all day. If you can’t stand the scent of something, the last thing you want is to spray it everywhere.

Focus on your pleasure and your goals. Never compromise your quality of life when it comes to the aura you give off.

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