How a sleeve can get you to lose weight quickly

More and more people are opting for the tube gastrectomy to help them lose weight. This surgical procedure is also known as the gastric sleeve. In the procedure, a piece of the stomach is removed and this then encourages people who are severely obese to lose weight. Overall, it is a very successful procedure, with patients losing between 40% and 60% of their excess weight within one to two years.


How Does it Work?

Very simply put, a very large part of the stomach is removed on its major curve. What is left is then attached to each other, creating a sleeve, or tube shape. The size of the stomach is then reduced to such an extent that someone will feel very full, very rapidly. In fact, after the surgery, you can only consume about 10% of what you could consume before having the surgery. The part of the stomach that is removed is also where hunger-inducing hormones are created, which means appetite is further controlled.

The gastric sleeve operation is relatively safe, as it is done laparoscopically. This means it is minimally invasive, significantly reducing recovery time and the chance of complications. In certain cases, when people are very several obese, the surgery is followed by a gastric bypass. However, this is only suitable for those with a BMI of 60 or above.

Why Is it Needed?

It has been reported that more and more people are missing time off work due to illnesses related directly to their weight. In fact, this costs employers over $13 billion each year. This country is not the only one in which obesity is a problem, however. In fact, nowhere in history have so many people been obese, and suffered from so many of the related consequences. People in the developed world no longer go hungry. Quite the contrary, they eat too much and move too little. As a result, society as a whole is becoming heavier and heavier.

Dealing with obesity should always start with looking at diet and exercise. In fact, the gastric sleeve is only offered if people can demonstrate not only that they have tried conventional weight loss methods, but that they are also committed to continue to use those methods after the surgery. People who are obese do not eat salads and low carb, high protein meals every day, they eat junk food. That is a lifestyle change they must commit to in full and for life, as the gastric sleeve cannot be reversed.

The procedure is quite radical, therefore, but it is quick and it is effective, so long as the patient is committed to the results. Of course, there are some risks associated with it as well, as it is a surgical procedure. You must be aware of these risks before agreeing to have a procedure completed. Your bariatric surgeon will be able to go through all of this with you, as well as determining whether or not you are a suitable candidate.

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